What is Public Relations?

Knowledge of how and when and to whom to communicate is the primary skill of the public relations practitioner. Above all else, public relations professionals are professional communicators. That means they must not only be knowledgeable about the various web-based techniques and tactics available to communicators in the 21st century but also understand what constitutes a credible message and how to deliver it. Because language and the meanings of words change constantly, semantics must be handled with extreme care. Good communication always consider the consequences of the words they plan to use before using them.

The power of the media particularly as an agenda setter is substantial. Agenda-setting is the creation of public awareness by the media – the ability to tell us what issues are important, it is also interesting how public relations professionals have a direct role in setting the agenda for others. The point is that people base perceptions on what they read or hear, often without bothering to dig further to elicit the facts. It is important to realize that although appearances are sometimes revealing, they are also often deceiving.

It is imperative for us to be careful in the way we acquire our information and if we were the public relations practitioners, we should be able to offer an honest, fact-based point of view that is able to offer credibility and proper communication of the event. An example of an scandalous and controversial issue in which many people have different opinions and different media sources throughout the world publish different perspectives, is the issue of Uranium Enrichment in Iran.  On the NY times I found today an article in which the following is said:

“Iran has always insisted that its program is peaceful and will be used only to generate electricity and for medical purposes. However, Iran has achieved the ability to enrich uranium up to 20 percent purity, and it is then relatively easy to increase enrichment to 90 percent, at which point it can be used to make a nuclear weapon, according to atomic experts.” NY Times

There is always a “however” in the picture and despite all the efforts of Iran to prove that their nuclear program has peaceful objectives, the media has made it seem as if they are the most dangerous country in the world.  All I would like to point out here is if you were to ask any citizen about their thoughts of Iran, chances are that all they know is that they want to create nuclear weapons or that they are a danger to the world and the United States.

To finalize, I would just like to say that there is always two sides of a story and that we, as the general public should be acquainted with both.





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